2023 Cohort
Club Z
Club Z fosters a community of informedand eloquent activists devoted to Zionism, advocating for Israel andthe Jewish people.
CyberWell operates the world's first live database of online antisemitism, which utilizes cutting-edge technology to collect digital hate for study and prevention.
Opendor Media
Opendor Media leads the way in producing compelling, informative, and uplifting educational media related to Jewish culture and Israel
Palestinian Media Watch
PMW is a research institute known internationally for its in-depth research of Palestinian society from a broad range of perspectives.
Shurat HaDin
Shurat HaDin is utilizing court systems around the world to go on the legal offensive against Israel’s enemies
StopAntisemitism works to hold antisemites accountable and to create consequences for their bigoted actions by exposing the threat that they present to all Americans.
Students Supporting Israel
SSI aims to be a clear and confident pro-Israel voice on college campuses and to support students in grassroots pro-Israel advocacy.
TPS is the only Israel-based news service that directly gathers and disseminates real-time factual information from events as well as a full range of materials about the country.
Zachor Legal Institute
Zachor Legal Institute is a legal think tank and advocacy organization that is taking the lead in creating a framework to wage a legal battle against anti-Israel movements in America.